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creative. collective. ACNE. New York.

ACNE STUDIOS ambition was to create a lifestyle brand through desirable products…I came across this New York studio in the heart of Soho by way of a colourful-wollen-clad bike outside one of it’s flagship stores. Women + men’s clothing and a magazine to boot, ACNE constantly evolve their brand, immersing from Amsterdam to Copenhagen, London to Sydney and of course New York.

wool & the gang. New York.

Strolling over [the N train via the subway. 8 minutes total travelling time] to the wonderful world of Soho in New York, is filled with an array of heart-pumping studios and stores. I stumbled across the ever-so-quirky-and-clever studio of Wool and the Gang which is a story of a family, a know-how transmitted to the next generation, re-invented, self taught, a bond between gang members, a gang of knitters, guys and girls from 7 to 77 years old, all tied together by a piece of yarn…


A very clever knitting concept, where you can purchase by way of the following options

#1 the ready to wear knit kit which is ultra easy and quick to knit [if you know how and if you don’t they have online step by step video instructions]

• the amount of balls of yarn for your particular kit purchased,

• 1 pair of wooden 8mm knitting needles

• 1 easy-to-follow pattern

• sewing needle or crochet hook

• customization material

around $69*


#2 Yarn with knitting needles in a variety of amazing colour-ways

around $13*


#3 the ready made knitwear [for those of you too impatient to knit your own] includes scarfs, tanktops, cardigans, gigi bras, sweatshirt, dancer tops, ponchos, blankets and more!] where you don’t have to knit a thing, already made, beautiful clothing pieces.

Starts from around $85*

* indicates online prices at time of blog post.


The unique softness and luster of the wool, is a result of 100% Peruvian Pima Cotton which is picked on the Andean highlands without the use of herbicides.


[above] Included in your kit is a step-by-step instruction guide….

These cute illustrations are on the inside wall of the shop – so cute!

[above] Start your knitting experience with this creative WOOL & THE GANG card.

[above] A lovely, one-of-a-kind concept store. Beautifully both new + vintage decor.

You’re now ready to start knitting!


The collection of unique WOOL AND THE GANG models and kits, are created by fashion lovers who are fashion and jewellery designers, actresses, models, dj’s, singers, artists, writers. Muses from all walks of life are invited to inspire Wool and the Gang.

98 Thompson Street, Soho, New York

To puchase your online ready to wear knit kit go to

They have a particularly smart blog, with interesting knitting projects, artist inspirations + more, check out

super kawaii :: nyc

I was lucky to meet Marina who designs for tabbisocks, in New York this week. This colourful lady is what they call in Japan ‘Super Kawaii’ [or super cute in english], with her eye-catching outfit you’d be sure not to miss her!

For more colourful arm/wrist warmers. tights. leggings. leg warmers. tabbi socks check::

nyc nifty

on every corner in NYC

[above] American Apparel Soho. 121 Spring St.

KIOSK. simple, everyday, anonymous things #2

kiosk [part] products purchased featured above. I couldn’t resist. Please read the stories, they are the most interesting part of the KIOSK experience!


Mark till your hearts content, stays on porcelain, moirror, metal, etc.  Comes in handy when you least expect it. For instance, if you need to label your bicycle or write your husband a reminder message on the bathroom mirro, ‘put your laundry  in the basket’ or on the refrigerator door [as long as it is not white] ‘please close the door and do your dishes’, etc etc. Made by a firm established in 1907, KIOSK visited their factory in the countryside; it was a small place their home was adjacent to. The mother and co-owner of the business showed us around, the top floor was where the goods were made. It was a pretty exciting operation, totally down to earth and very basic.


With every purchase.

#3 NYLON TWINE. Germany

A general purpose twine from Germany used by bricklayers and craftspeople. We think it is good for just about anything, general = everything. Will hold up to 35 lbs.


I picked this up purely because it gave us a giggle and looked like a bit of fun. This one doesn’t seem to have a story to it [that I could find anyway], but could be handy on a hot summers day whilst enjoying a pina colada


Still a family owned businesss, Moore Push-Pins was established in 1900 by Edwin Moore with $112.60. Like many inventors and entrepreneurs he worked day and night building his little business based on pins. Why pins? Not sure, but Mr Moore is credited with inventing push-pins as well as map tacks. With being a big believer in using things for anything but their ‘proper’ use, these tacks are really handy for prioritizing things around the house. At th start of every week each task gets a number. Hair needs cutting, number the scissors, change the shower curtain, number it, take out the compost, number it. Very hand and practical indeed.


As seen on Oprah, good for chapped parts of the body, smells a little like chocolate, made in New Jersey. Prevents stretchmarks, although not scientifically proven, handy travel tube with tasteful packaging. Edible, contains natural antioxidants, diminishes scars.


In 1918, when Emilio da Silva Braga was founded they were considered the finest stationers of the time. Almost a century later, Emilio Braga Lda., still a family business, continues to produce notebooks including the famous ‘galoche’, a distinctive notebook that is fully handmade. It is the true Portuguese notebook. The black and white cover pattern is called ‘cloud’; there is a matching pattern on the edge of the paper. People continually ask how the edges of the paper are printed with their own unique pattern; When KIOSK visited the factory, they were surprised to see the pattern is still hand-sponged.


Whilst walking through the electronic disctrict of ‘Distrito Federal’ this was tracked down, without assurance it would work within the country. One thing KIOSK oes know it’s always ON, why be OFF anyway? If you need a boost just flick the switch!


The smart thing [besides it being a super-bold and beautiful dispenser] about this tape dispenser is the tape does not wind back onto the roll and the shape is much easier to hold than a tape gun. It has  many more selling points but rather than ramble on, trust KIOSK, you will see!


Fresh update. Next country of origin….ICELAND.

[product of origin copy obtained above via KIOSK supplied sheets with purchased items]

Note.: With each item purchased you receive a little notecard on its origin + ‘it’s story’.

KIOSK 95 Spring street, Soho, New York.