brooklyn grange farm

Brooklyn Grange is a commercial organic farm located on New York City rooftops – oh what a great initiative! They grow vegetables in the city and sell them to local people and businesses. The goal is to improve access to very good food, to connect city people more closely to farms and food production, and to make urban farming a viable enterprise and livelihood.

Their very first farm is located at 37-18 Northern Boulevard, in Long Island City Queens.Their goal: to put more farms on roofs throughout New York and beyond, and grow more food, train and employ more farmers, and improve overall quality of life in the city.

When your in NYC next, get involved and sign up for their volunteer day every Saturday

bikes, lights, williamsburg + good friends NYC.

So it’s been a little while since I’ve posted about the wonderful time had in New.York City…more posts will be coming your way shortly about all things NYC, so in the meantime here is one of the special moments had in the very creative Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Bedford Avenue is the place to be.