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art is life. Streets of Soho, nyc.

above + below. traditional butcher shop. Nolita, nyc.



A typical, yet atypical staircase ramp. Nolita, nyc.

More typical house in Williamsburg, nyc.

Water tank in Brooklyn, nyc.


check out rag & bone’s new  DIY project



Founded in 1977, The New Museum is a leading destination for new art and new ideas. It is Manhattan’s only dedicated contemporary art museum and is respected internationally for the adventurousness and global scope of its curatorial program. Completed in 2007 by Architects Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizaw, and located in the heart of Soho, NYC [235 Bowery NY] the new museum has been described as “a sculptural stack of rectilinear boxes dynamically shifted off-axis around a central steel core.”

One of the most inspiring, experimental exhibitions I have seen was

Rivane Neuenschwander: A Day Like Any Other.

Born in Brazil in 1967, her works exist by the many things that fascinate her – the nature of time, the fragility of life, cycles of existence, mysteries of perception, the delicacy of human exchange—but no one thing characterizes the art she makes. Throughout her career, Neuenschwander has also created participatory art. The situations she engenders are most often invitations to create something new in a context where the visitor defines the rules. One of her exhibitions I had the priveledge to participate in was I Wish Your Wish – Desires printed on satin ribbons are for the taking; all the artist asks in return is that a new wish is left behind to be shared with future audiences. Neuenschwander’s inspiration for the work comes from the ribbons tied to the gates surrounding the church of Nosso Senhor do Bonfim (Our Lord of the Good End) in Bahia, Brazil.

above. The New Museum building with distinct ‘hell yes’ sign.

above. Rivane Neuenschwander – ‘A Day Like Any Other’ exhibition

above. Rivane Neuenschwander – ‘I wish your wish’ participatory art. Choose your wish…. ————————————————————————————————————–

bikes, lights, williamsburg + good friends NYC.

So it’s been a little while since I’ve posted about the wonderful time had in New.York City…more posts will be coming your way shortly about all things NYC, so in the meantime here is one of the special moments had in the very creative Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Bedford Avenue is the place to be.


pearl paint. New York.

Are there any graphic artists, designers, mixed-media artists, design professionals, semi-design professionals [or wanna-be’s] out there with a constant yearning for pens, gouche paints, paper, boxes, graphite [any and all types of graphite formations] etc etc etc etc? well let PEARL PAINT [which claims to be the largest in the world] be the answer to your yearning.

Before even stepping into the 5 level graphic arts supply extravaganza, I’m am blown-away with this extremely red and white [which I claim to love], 80’s retro with neon building, so I took photos.

After many of minutes starring at the outside of this building, I stepped into what I would call ‘stairway to heaven’ store and as I inclined up the ‘in original condition’ lets just say stairs each floor was surprising and engaging into all possibilities for graphics supplies you ever did wish for.


Pearl has been seving fine artists & artisans for over 70 years. As Manhattan’s legendary landmark, the Canal Street store developed into the largest artist supply store in the city. Opening their doors in 1933 as the city evolved into a leading art centre of the world, Pearl has supplied the tools for inspiration for many student artists as well as professionals, including many of the famous names of their time. Since the beginning, Pearl has been at the forefront of art, bringing new and exotic materials from all over the globe. From new lightfast pigment technologies, to advances in sculpting materials.


Acrylic paint#####






Frames#####Oil painting



308 Canal Street New York

You can follow them on

creative. collective. ACNE. New York.

ACNE STUDIOS ambition was to create a lifestyle brand through desirable products…I came across this New York studio in the heart of Soho by way of a colourful-wollen-clad bike outside one of it’s flagship stores. Women + men’s clothing and a magazine to boot, ACNE constantly evolve their brand, immersing from Amsterdam to Copenhagen, London to Sydney and of course New York.

wool & the gang. New York.

Strolling over [the N train via the subway. 8 minutes total travelling time] to the wonderful world of Soho in New York, is filled with an array of heart-pumping studios and stores. I stumbled across the ever-so-quirky-and-clever studio of Wool and the Gang which is a story of a family, a know-how transmitted to the next generation, re-invented, self taught, a bond between gang members, a gang of knitters, guys and girls from 7 to 77 years old, all tied together by a piece of yarn…


A very clever knitting concept, where you can purchase by way of the following options

#1 the ready to wear knit kit which is ultra easy and quick to knit [if you know how and if you don’t they have online step by step video instructions]

• the amount of balls of yarn for your particular kit purchased,

• 1 pair of wooden 8mm knitting needles

• 1 easy-to-follow pattern

• sewing needle or crochet hook

• customization material

around $69*


#2 Yarn with knitting needles in a variety of amazing colour-ways

around $13*


#3 the ready made knitwear [for those of you too impatient to knit your own] includes scarfs, tanktops, cardigans, gigi bras, sweatshirt, dancer tops, ponchos, blankets and more!] where you don’t have to knit a thing, already made, beautiful clothing pieces.

Starts from around $85*

* indicates online prices at time of blog post.


The unique softness and luster of the wool, is a result of 100% Peruvian Pima Cotton which is picked on the Andean highlands without the use of herbicides.


[above] Included in your kit is a step-by-step instruction guide….

These cute illustrations are on the inside wall of the shop – so cute!

[above] Start your knitting experience with this creative WOOL & THE GANG card.

[above] A lovely, one-of-a-kind concept store. Beautifully both new + vintage decor.

You’re now ready to start knitting!


The collection of unique WOOL AND THE GANG models and kits, are created by fashion lovers who are fashion and jewellery designers, actresses, models, dj’s, singers, artists, writers. Muses from all walks of life are invited to inspire Wool and the Gang.

98 Thompson Street, Soho, New York

To puchase your online ready to wear knit kit go to

They have a particularly smart blog, with interesting knitting projects, artist inspirations + more, check out

super kawaii :: nyc

I was lucky to meet Marina who designs for tabbisocks, in New York this week. This colourful lady is what they call in Japan ‘Super Kawaii’ [or super cute in english], with her eye-catching outfit you’d be sure not to miss her!

For more colourful arm/wrist warmers. tights. leggings. leg warmers. tabbi socks check::